I say the option of a home birth because our birth hasn’t happened yet and it is still possible for things to change. As someone who hates change, it helps if I consider all of the options that could happen and not focus on a specific piece of our birth plan going perfectly. I would love to have a home birth, so having it as one of our options is a great start.

Where it All Started

I am no stranger to home birth. My mom had three out of the four of us at home. Growing up I always thought a home birth would be in my future. With my first pregnancy the overall idea of a home birth felt comforting. We didn’t choose that option at the time, because we were living in a temporary space. I didn’t feel comfortable having a home birth in a place that didn’t feel like home.

This will be our second birth with Alaska Family Health & Birth Center. Our first birth ended up being a transfer from the birthing center to the hospital. If you are interested in my first birth story this is part one This is My Birth Story and this is part two After the Birth: My Postpartum Hospital Stay Story.

The Option of a Home Birth for Us

When I found out I was pregnant this time around I immediately thought I might want a home birth. The thought of being able to remain home for all of labor and birth sounded inviting. As Covid worsened, mandates were put in place that prohibited me from even considering home birth for most of my pregnancy. The opportunity presented itself when mandates were lifted, I was 34 weeks pregnant.

I think home birth will be a great option for us because I don’t feel any fear around labor or birth. I feel very confident in my body and trust that it knows what it is doing. If something doesn’t go as hoped, I trust the safety plan we have in place. I will talk more about that in a future article.

The benefits of a home birth that stand out most to me:

– Not leaving the house or having to ride in a car while in labor.

– Having all of my own items close; food, clothes, pillow, bed, etc.

– Being able to have full control of my environment.

– Transitioning into my own bed/house with my baby right after giving birth.

At this point I do not know what will happen, but I feel confident about the options we have laid out.

*If you are considering a home birth I encourage you to look at all of your options. Choose the one that puts you the most at peace. Labor is extremely intense and flows the smoothest when you (the person giving birth) can be the most comfortable.*

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