A diaper bag is essential to my mom life. I’ve heard people say “you don’t really need one” or “as you have more kids you won’t want to carry one around anymore”, but I find it extremely helpful to have a packed bag for my daughter with extra items we may need that day. What’s in our diaper bag changes seasonally and as she grows bigger but for the most part I have kept the same items in it since she was born. I don’t pack her diaper bag every day because it is usually already done and then I just update it whenever needed. Now that she is older we also don’t bring it in everywhere we go, but I love to have it in the car just in case.

A diaper bag is essential to my mom life. I've heard people say "you don't really need one" or "as you have more kids you won't want to carry one around anymore", but I find it extremely helpful to have a packed bag for my daughter with extra items we may need that day. What's in our diaper bag changes seasonally and as she grows bigger but for the most part I have kept the same items in it since she was born. #packingadiaperbag #diaperbag #toddleressentials

Diaper Bag

I would recommend our diaper bag a hundred times over. A backpack was the best choice for us. My husband doesn’t feel weird carrying it (not that he would have cared about any diaper bag) and it is extremely easy to be able to have my hands free when dealing with an infant or toddler. I couldn’t imagine having a diaper bag that wasn’t a backpack. It was the most convenient and comfortable choice for our family.


Back up diapers are the main reason I carry a diaper bag. Accidents can happen whenever and wherever. We have experienced multiple blow outs that I have had to change in the back of our car. In that moment, I am so thankful that I carry a diaper bag. We are currently using Pampers diapers because I was working for the hospital when I had Baby T and we got an amazing discount on diapers through their supplier. I would love to, for a future baby, use cloths diapers (we’ll see if that happens).


WaterWipes are our favorite wipes and we don’t leave home without them. They are the only wipes… THE ONLY WIPES that are made with water and fruit extract. A lot of other brands claim to be as natural but do not even come close. If I were to make my own wipes these are the ingredients I would use, that’s why I love and trust WaterWipes.

Change of Clothes

Just like I said above, accidents happen. Extra clothes always come in handy. I will usually put a couple of outfits in our diaper bag as well as a jacket.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is another thing we do not leave the house without. Baby T loves water and will ask for it wherever we go. I love that she stays hydrated and I try to promote that as much as possible. This is the Munchkin cup. It is able to be drank out of from all sides, just like a real cup, without the chance for spilling and it totally works! Baby T is now an expert cup drinker at only 18 months. I talked more about this cup and other meal time essentials we love in a previous article.

Hair Styling Products

Baby T has the prettiest curly hair ever. If I want to style it, out of her face, it always takes some water and a comb. I do not do her hair on the go too often but I love having these tools accessible to me when I want to.


I do not always carry lotion in her diaper bag, but if she is going to get wet I like to apply lotion to her body after so she doesn’t get dry skin. Alpenglow has quickly become one of my favorite brands since having a baby. Similar to WaterWipes, they use the same ingredients I would use if I were to make lotion from scratch. There are no nasty fillers, only amazing oils that help keep my daughter’s skin soft and healthy.


During the summer months, sunblock is always in our diaper bag. Thinksport is the only sunblock I have been able to find that only has zinc and oils in it. The best part about this sunblock is that it actually blends into the skin where zinc alone does not. I also find the “stick” form to be very convenient versus a squeeze tube.

Mosquito Spray

This is another Alpenglow product! This mosquito spray actually works and doesn’t have any deet or other poisonous ingredients in it. It is full of essentials oils that mosquitoes do not like.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is amazing to have on the go. Soothing Touch makes a great lip balm that only has a couple really good nourishing ingredients. This makes it so I can use it anywhere on her body. If Baby T has redness or irritated skin I just apply a little bit of the lip balm to help calm the area. But honestly the lip balm is more for me than it is for her. Since I have to carry a toddler and a diaper bag I never carry a purse. I add a couple things like lip balm and my wallet to her diaper bag to help myself out as well.


Extra little things I keep in our diaper bag for all occasions are snacks, stuffed animals and books. All of these items have come in handy one time or another.

I love having a diaper bag with us. Every time I forget it I feel empty and not prepared. Having it with us makes life easier/more calm out and about with a toddler. I think my favorite thing is that our diaper bag is a backpack so it doesn’t actually feel/look like a diaper bag. Even after I have more kids I think I will still carry a diaper bag, but I will just have to let you know when that happens.

What are your must haves for your diaper bag?

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  1. This post makes me SO glad I’m beyond the diaper bag years!! Now its all of the homework, sports equipment, instruments, lesson books. Yikes!

  2. I love your diaper bag! We also use a backpack type and we love it. It’s so nice not having to worry about it slipping off your shoulders while carrying a baby or toddler!

  3. yes, yes, yes to all of this! Especially the mosquito spray!!! It’s something you don’t really think about, but it really comes in handy – especially when you have littles!

  4. Great list. I’m on my second diaper bag (almost done with!) but I also like to put in some snacks to keep the kids entertained if we have to wait around somewhere.

  5. I love having a diaper bag around. But I just use my big hand bag and chuck everything inside so that it could go with my outfit.
    I will be pinning this post! Awesome stuff. Oh & the pics are really cute.

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