What do you use in your new baby’s hair? I asked the exact same question once I had my baby girl. Baby T came out with a full head of hair. I did a ton of research to figure out what was the best way to take care of my mixed baby girls hair. She has very curly thick hair, but it is extremely soft.

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At the beginning of her life I just shampooed her hair. I wanted to find her one with the most simplified ingredient list. One with an ingredient list that I understood! I also knew I wanted to use a castle soap because it is a more natural soap. I found Earth Mama Baby Wash Gentle Castile Soap. It was exactly what I was looking for to use on my new born baby. We have now been using Earth Mama for over a year and it is fantastic! It is not a tear free formula so make sure to keep it out of your baby’s eyes. It helped immensely with her cradle cap and was extremely gentle on her new skin. I love that the packaging had a foam top on it, so I am never putting too much soap on my baby and drying her skin out.


After baby T turned a year old I decided it was time to start using conditioner on her hair to get the best out of her curls. It was harder to find a conditioner then it was to find a shampoo. I spent a good month reading ingredients on different baby conditioners trying to find the most “natural” one. I finally decided on two to test out, California Baby Conditioner and Little Twig Conditioning Detangler. Both products worked great on baby T’s curls. Today we are still using California Baby Conditioner after every hair wash.

Styling Products

Since baby T is mixed, her hair requires more moisture then mine does. Two products have completely changed the way I style her hair. The first is 100% Mango Butter. Mango butter is a thicker oil, so I use this right after she gets out of the bath (I use it all over her body as well). I love this oil because even when she wakes up the next day her hair still has some hydration left in it.

If her hair is dry and needs some moisture I use 100% cold pressed coconut oil. This is a much thinner oil, so it soaks into her hair nicely. I also give her hair a little spray of water before applying the coconut oil, to help it soak into her hair better.

Other Tricks and Tips

I also use a wide tooth comb to comb/brush out her curls. She has a lot of hair but if I comb it out after every bath and before styling it, it stays nice and rat nest free. Massage your baby’s head! This promoted hair growth and the healthy oils in her hair to keep producing.

Hair Ties

Stay away from plastic hair bands! These will break you baby’s hair and they also break so easily. I would recommend using small rubber bands. They never break or leave her hair damaged. I would also take out the hair bands at night unless it is styled in a protective hair style.Once your baby has more hair you might want to use bobby pins, these mini bobby pins are amazing and the perfect size for their little heads!(I would prefer if all these products were organic, but just because something is organic does not make it the best choice for your baby’s hair or skin.)

What products or advice do you have for baby hair care?   

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  1. My son also had a thick head of hair when was born. Now that he is older, he doesn’t sit still and won’t let anyone near it. Coconut oil is definitely a staple for his hair. I also love Sheamoisture spray detangler. It’s comes in handy when he’s running away from me when its time to do his hair.

  2. Thank you for this Tricia! My little Paige has natural curls I try to revive. I am happy I found this article.

    I see you use Pinterest for your business. This post can easily be converted into a bright colorful stylish infographic. It will drive tons of traffic. 🙂 For more ideas, contact me.

    All the best! xx

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