After the Birth: My Postpartum Hospital Stay Story

Being in labor and delivering Baby T is only part of my birthing story. (Part 1: This Is My Birth Story) The other part of my story is post delivery and my hospital stay. I believe this part of my story is just as important as the first half. When I first wrote this, I was […]

Side Effects of Pregnancy

Have you ever heard of pregnancy brain or seen a pregnant woman start crying and say “I’m just so pregnant”? Did you think these were only symptoms of pregnancy and they wouldn’t last? That’s what I thought. I thought during pregnancy I would be emotional and forgetful, but then a couple months after my baby […]

Tips for Natural Birth

These tips for natural birth worked wonders for me when I was preparing/giving birth. Remember everyone is different and every birth is different. We are women and our bodies were created to do the most amazing thing know to man. Related Article: This Is My Birth Story Before Birth Go go go to every birthing […]