Singing is one of my favorite things to do with my daughter. At age one, she is learning how to sing along, do hand motions, dance around and even sing by herself (it is seriously the cutest thing to catch her doing). Not a day goes by without us singing. I feel that it is incredibly important to involve singing as part of a toddler’s daily routine. Singing helps our days go smoother and brings joy every time.

How We Use Songs in Our House

Activity Time

Singing is a daily activity in our house. We make time everyday, usually more than once, to turn on music and have a dance party. Sometimes I initiate the activity and sometimes Baby T does. She will start singing and doing the motions to a song or she will pick up my phone and ask to dance. Right now, at her age, she is learning everything through play and daily life. Having song time as one of our daily activities is teaching her so much.


Transitions can be really difficult for Baby T and most toddlers. Sometimes she is not able to communicate that she isn’t done playing yet or maybe I am in a rush to get her to the car. No matter the transition, it always makes it a smoother process when singing is involved. I used this method constantly in my early childhood classroom. We would sing before going outside, as we are getting ready for lunch, or to get everyone together in a group. I must confess that I do not use this tool as often at home as I did in the classroom, but every time we do use songs for transition, Baby T easily participates.

Daily Routines

Almost every daily routine we do has a little tune that goes along with it. Going to bed, washing our hands, brushing our teeth and more. I find that singing makes the task feel more fun versus just another thing we have to do. Brushing Baby T’s teeth has been a challenge lately. She either doesn’t want to do it or she will only do it for a couple seconds. When we sing the “teeth brushing” song all of the sudden she is willing to actually brush her teeth.

Overwhelming Moments

Did you know that singing makes everything better? When my daughter is screaming/yelling and I would like her to be quieter I start singing a little song. She immediately becomes engaged and quiets down. I also use singing when she is tired, frustrated or upset. Songs help to calm her, the motions help to distract her and it helps me as well. In overwhelming situations sometimes I want to yell or am upset, if I stop and sing a song with her both of us become more calm.

How Singing is Educating Toddlers

Some of Our Favorite Songs

Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes

Five Little Monkeys

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Baby Bumblebee

Five Little Speckled Frogs

What are your favorite songs to sing in your house?

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  1. Love your post. I sing with my daughter all the time. I hadn’t though about just using it for daily routine beside clean up time. I will definitely be incorporating some of this.

  2. I remember singing to my son every time we would get into the car. I am so happy you gave us a list of your favorite songs, I particularly like Five Little Monkeys!

  3. I love this post and everything it includes! I agree completely that music and singing is such a key part of development! Thank for your perspective!

  4. This is such a lovely post. We sing during teeth brushing time and it helps a lot. Also when we’re bored on a car journey. Your print outs are so helpful! I’ve pinned your post for later!

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