I felt like I couldn’t start posting blogs again without providing a life update first. So much has changed over the last few months. I’m sure everyone feels like that right now. If you follow along on my Instagram most of these life changes will come as no surprise.

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How My Life Has Changed

Though I have been a stay at home mom since T was born, I have worked from home for a marketing company and would work or volunteer a couple hours a week outside of the home. I am an early childhood educator and very passionate about teaching young children and helping parents. Most of the jobs I have had outside of the home revolved around young children in some way. December 2019, I stepped back permanently from teaching at a local learning center. This was a huge change because I had worked there before T was born and off/on after she was a year old.

February 2020, I became a spin instructor in training at my local gym. I started spinning October 2019 and immediately fell in love. It made me feel excited to go to the gym, a feeling I hadn’t had for a very long time. My training was put on hold and the gym closed its doors to the public March 2020, due to COVID-19. What a whirlwind the next few months were.

In April, we found out we were pregnant with baby #2. May, I taught my first spin class virtually. In June, T and I rushed to Seattle to spend time with a close family member before they start chemotherapy for the first time. In July, we finally had a day in the 80s (I don’t know what was up with Fairbanks this summer but it didn’t feel like summer). August, I celebrated my 27th birthday. In September, I officially stepped back from teaching spin until after baby #2 arrives. In October, I had most of my major “test” for pregnancy and supported my husband while his wisdom teeth were removed. November included more travel to spend time with family.

Present Day!

Now it is December! I am 38 weeks pregnant and feeling super productive. The Healthy(ish) Home has received another small face lift, but we are sticking to the same ol’ content, motherhood, parenting and recipes!

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Thank you for reading my life update! Comment below with which article you are most excited to read!

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