For the last couple of months I have been searching for the best children’s clothing brands on Instagram. This turned out to be a harder task then I expected. Especially for the size that Baby T is currently in. She is almost in a 4T and after that she will be wearing a child size (how did that happen so quick!). Most of Baby T’s clothes are from large box stores because they are convenient and usually pretty cheap. My goal is to change that and for her closet to reflect small owned brands. I want to spend my money, supporting these brands verses large owned corporations.

I am extremely proud of the list I compiled and the brands I have chosen to support. This article includes 9 clothing brands, ranging from all girl brands to brands that cloth the whole family and 6 accessory brands. All of these brands represent my personal style which is clothing that does not have words, graphics or logos on the front. I also love neutral and muted colors.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is this weekend and all of these amazing shops are celebrating with great deals! If you want to curate some adorable, stylish clothes there is no better time.

















All of these amazing child’s clothing brands on Instagram inspire me with their feed and with so many style option for Baby T. If you are looking for an easy way to shop as a mom as well, check out my past article about Trunk Club!

What are your favorite places to shop for your children’s clothing?

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  1. Love these outfits! I’m obsessed with shopping for my kids. So much so that I barely shop for myself now LOL. Baby clothes are just too hard to resist!

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