Trying to decide what is important or what you will actually use can be hard as a new mom. Even though I worked in early childhood and was a nanny for many years it still took trial and error to figure out what I actually needed at Baby T’s changing table. Somethings I bought I never used or they did not work out but there are 5 different products that really stand out in my mind.

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Trying to decide what is important or what you will actually use can be hard as a new mom. It took trial and error to figure out what I actually needed at Baby T's changing table and there are 5 different products that really stand out in my mind. #changingtable #diaperchangingstation #changingtableneeds

Changing Table

I do not think anyone needs to have an actual changing table. They are helpful but far from necessary. Instead I would recommend a changing pad with a washable cover. Skip the changing table if you want to save some money.

Changing Pad

This pad is movable and allows a comfortable spot for your baby to be changed where ever. It is lightweight and gives you a definite area for diapers to be changed with the convenience of changing your baby’s diaper anywhere. To go along with that you will need a

Changing Pad Cover

There are so many cute designs of covers out there. Unless it says “wipeable” I would stay away from it. Nothing is worse then changing a poopy diaper, getting it on the beautiful, soft, plush cover, then having to strip baby and the changing pad at the same time. If the cover has a wipeable surface anything that gets on it is easily wiped away with a wet wipe.


Who knew there was so many kinds of wipes out there! I also had no idea how many disgusting ingredients could be in baby wipes. I referred to this article Hidden Ingredients in Baby Wipes while deciding what wipes to use on Baby T. This article and many other articles I read highlighted the fact that most baby wipes have formaldehyde, harmful acids and fragrances. Before I had Baby T I wanted to make my own wipes. It was more convenient for my life at the moment to just buy wipes.


I found WaterWipes and completely fell in love. I first learned about these wipes from our birthing center. They recommended buying one pack for when Baby T was first born because they are completely chemical free. In fact they use the same ingredients that I would have used to create my own. Only water and grapefruit seed oil (this essential oil prevents molding). I compared water wipes side by side with other named brand wipes expecting the other wipes to clean better. I was wrong! These wipes work just as good as any other wipe I have tried and I trust them on Baby T’s skin.


Diaper recommendations are the hardest of all. It truly is all about preference and convenience. Most name brand diapers are also full of nasty chemical and even some cloth diapers. The truth is disposable diapers are so convenient! I originally wanted to use cloth diapers on Baby T. That did not end up happening. We have been using pampers and they have worked great for us. To start with I would recommend using a natural type of diaper like Seventh Generation. This is because harsh chemicals in other diapers could cause your baby to have an allergic reaction. Just start slow and watch your baby’s skin!

Diaper Cream

Every changing station needs a “diaper cream”. As you have seen there is a theme through out this article, I like to use natural products. For our diaper cream we use

Coconut Oil

There are so many benefits to coconut oil. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal which makes it great to use on your baby’s bottom. Baby T had many rolls as a baby. Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing and because of it, Baby T never had any chafing in between her cute fat rolls.

Other Items

The last item we use consistently at our changing table station is something to help keep Baby T occupied. The toys have changed throughout her different stages of life. We started with little stuffed animals/rattles, went to teething toys, and currently she is loving toy cars with wheels that spin.  

I think that you know your baby best. Some children like to hold toys while getting their diapers changes and others enjoy being talked to.

What is at your diaper changing station?

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  1. I can relate on the disposable diaper front, if diaper blowouts have taught me anything it’s that this mama isn’t up to cloth diapering! I’ve never tried coconut oil as a butt balm before (despite using it for other things on a regular basis), so I will definitely have to give it a try.

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