23 Month Old Update

Baby T is now 23 months old! I cannot believe how quickly it happened. My goal is to do updates on her more often, so I (and Baby T) can have an account of our most celebrated and frustrating moments. She is totally in the “two year old” phase of life (and has been for a few months now) full of independence and confidence. She is also extremely tall for her age and seems older in every way.


The one word that comes to my mind when I think about her personality is sass. This little girl is so full of sass and might even have more then me! She is a social butterfly that loves all children especially babies. She tends to have a little bit of stranger danger towards adults but it depends on the time and place. Her uncle taught her to “fist bump”, and now she does it at every greeting and goodbye. Lately she has been taking her time to warm up in new situation, but it doesn’t take her that long to be back to her comfortable, rambunctious self.


Baby T is a great eater and will try just about anything. She prefers fruits and grains over everything else. Some of her favorite foods are :

  • Strawberries (Every time we are in the grocery store she begs for these)
  • Blueberries
  • Oranges
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Blueberries
  • Smoothies (such a great way to get spinach in her body)
  • Almond Milk


Baby T has a pretty consistent routine. She wakes up around 7 am, naps at 1 pm and goes to bed at 7 pm. Lately she has had a hard time settling to sleep at night (she is getting better though since we have start a very consistent bedtime routine), but once she falls asleep she will sleep all night long. Baby T is potty trained and goes on the potty multiple times a day, only wearing a diaper at nap time and night time.

Physical Milestones

Shoe size

  • 8

Clothing size

  • 5T and Child’s XS

Diaper size

  • 6 (Only for night time)
  • Underwear all day long


  • 38 pounds


  • 3 ft

Developmental Skills

Communication and Language Skills

  • Mimicking everything she hears
  • Can say too many words to count
  • Learning letters (She knows the letters H, O, and Q) and numbers
  • Has started speaking in sentences

Movement and Physical Development

  • Gross Motor skills
    • Running
    • Jumping off two feet
    • Can kick and throw a ball (doesn’t understand catching yet)
    • Walks up and down stairs alternating feet without assistance
    • Climbs on and off furniture without assistance
    • Twirls forever
    • Stands on her tiptoes
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Brushes her own teeth
    • Starting to pull up and down her pants
    • Turn on the faucet, gets soap to wash her hands
    • Builds with Legos
    • Can unzip and zip (if the zipper is started)
    • Holds utensils and crayons the correct way
    • Turns on and off light switches
    • Can open doors

Social Emotional Development

  • Has started to understand emotions
    • Sad
    • Scared
    • Happy
  • Throws herself on the floor when she doesn’t get her way
  • Tries something first and if she can’t do it she will ask for help
  • Starting to understand she can tell other people no (if she doesn’t want a hug or a kiss she will say “No Thank You”
  • Constantly testing mom and dad (pushing boundaries)
  • Starting to understand how to use “you” and “me”

Cognitive Skills

  • Loves pretend play (especially with her stuffed animals and doll house)
  • Starting to understand past, present, and future
  • Can recollect what she did earlier
  • Can put together age appropriate puzzles
  • Follows two step directions
  • Understand what “a little bit” means (currently one of her favorite phrases)
  • Remembers song lyrics
  • Learning to blow her nose
  • Can name all the colors and say 10+ animal noises

23 Month Old

Baby T is a joy to be around. She radiates happiness in between her tantrums, is becoming more and more independent. She loves to help mom and dad do everything. Next month she will officially be two years old. Trust me when I say life does go by so much faster after you have a kid.

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