Definition of Healthy(ish)
hel-thee--ish ]


1  (of food) having considerably healthy attributes, but not so strictly healthful as to compromise taste, texture, etc.

2  (of a lifestyle, etc.) characterized mostly by practices of sensible, healthy habits and choices, but not with strict or rigorous adherence




As a new mom I quickly lost sight of who I was. I started The Healthy(ish) Home to feed my creative soul. Now I get to share my two main passions with the world, early childhood and nutrition. 


This little girl is a shining light to everyone around her. She is almost 4 and I learn so much from her every single day. While I don’t leave out a lot of real life details, I am intentionally calling my daughter Baby T or T, keeping her full name for our family only.


Meet our newest addition, Baby Q. He was born at home on Christmas Eve.