The Best Board Books

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Our Top 5 Favorite Board Books

In our home we are reading books constantly. Baby T is 16 months old, so board books are the most appropriate books for her age. They do not tear because they are so thick and she can learn proper book etiquette with them. Baby T has four book sections around the house, so whenever she is ready to read they are ready for her as well. In this stage of her life she will pick a book out and go find a place to read to herself or she will bring a book to an adult to read. One of my favorite parts is when she brings me a book, after she hands it to me, she backs into my lap to sit down (it is the cutest thing). These are 5 of Baby T’s favorite board book.

The Pout-Pout Fish

This is by far the favorite book in our house. The Pout-Pout fish’s friends try to convince him that he doesn’t have to pout, but he doesn’t believe them. He thinks that’s just the way he is until a fish, no one has met before, changes his mind. Baby T is obsessed with the last couple pages and the beautiful kiss-kiss fish. She will flip to them over and over again pointing to the shimmery fish.

Little Blue Truck

Everyone needs to have this book in their collection. Little Blue Truck is a great friend, helpful and kind. He is always quick to be there and help wherever he can. This book has also helped teach Baby T animal noises. She loves the beep-beep sound that little blue truck makes.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear has a rhythm to it that makes it easy for toddlers to memorize and “read” along. Baby T loves all the different colored animals in this book. Because of the rhythm she is able to anticipate the next page which makes it a blast to read. Her favorite page is the purple cat.

The Going To Bed Book

This book has the cutest rhymes in it. It is a goofy story that ends with everyone going to bed. They get to embark on a mini adventure before finally making it to their beds. Baby T does different motions for the silly pages and mimics the characters.

Guess How Much I Love You

There had to be a sweet book in our top 5 favorites. This book has a father rabbit convincing his child of how much he truly loves him. Reading this to Baby T I can even changes the characters to make it customized from me to her. This book also allows Baby T moments to do dramatic hand motions, which she loves.What is your favorite board book?

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  1. I have all of these! Such good books (except I have the non-board book version of Pout-Pout Fish). My kids absolutely love Sandra Boynton books!

    1. I love Sandra Boynton books too! She is so good at keeping children engaged with her book.

  2. We LOVE “the going to bed book!” I always read it AFTER I put my twins in their cribs so they don’t associate going into the cribs with me leaving immediately. It’s worked really well and the last page is just so sweet. I don’t have “Little Blue Truck” but I keep hearing how great it is, I should just go buy it!

    Other favorites in our house are “Jamberry” and “Pantone: Colors”… and many more! There are so many great books to choose from! I’ve been trying to blog about our favorite books too and it’s hard to narrow the list down sometimes!

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