Having a sensory bin has been a game changer in our house. Any activity that goes in the bin is guaranteed to be time consuming and help with a range of developmental skills. Most sensory activities work best partnered with a sensory bin.

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What is a Sensory Bin?

A sensory bin is a plastic tub or container that is used for sensory activities. The best part is you do not need to invest a lot of money into a fancy sensory table for your child to enjoy it. Any small or large plastic tub will do! Some of our favorite items to use are extremely accessible and can usually be found around the house. That includes flour, rice, noodles (raw or cooked), water, bubbles, foil and paper.

How We Use Our Sensory Bin

Winter is in full effect. Why not take advantage of the white sensory world that is only around for part of the year? My daughter is currently obsessed with snow. Anytime we go outside all she wants to do is stick her hand in the snow.

I filled our sensory bin up with snow and brought it inside. I used to do this in my pre-toddler classroom when it was too cold to take the children outside. Baby T was over the moon!

She started by feeling the snow and drawing in it. It was so easy to wipe the snow around to make a clean drawing slate.

Next we squished the snow in our hands and made snowballs. Pulling the snow inside allows us to be able to melt the fluffy snow together. Since we live in a dry climate the snow is rarely able to be made into snowballs without taking off your gloves.

After her hands got cold I pulled out her winter gloves. She practiced putting on and off winter gloves and got to experience a different sensory sensation by playing in the snow with her gloves on.

To finish this activity I pulled out her measuring tools. She spent the next 45 minutes scooping snow in and out. Since the bin is so full of snow it stayed intact for a long time (approximitaly 2 hours).

Open ended sensory activities are my favorite to put together for Baby T. It is amazing to watch what a child will do with any activity they are presented with. Sensory bins are a great resource for parents or caretakers. Most ages will enjoy a sensory bin when provided with an age appropriate activity.

Do you have a sensory bin in your house? What activities do you love to use it for?

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