Most Used Kitchen Items of 2018

In my last article, most used home products of 2018, I talked about moving back into an apartment of my own. Some of the items I talked about where wedding gifts I did not use while house sitting for my parents. My parents kitchen is full of similar products so there was no need to open mine. That changed when I moved and I got to stock my kitchen with so many amazing, gorgeous gadgets! Here are my 5 most used kitchen items of 2018.

Stand Mixer

Klarstein Standing Mixer

I grew up watching my grandmother bake using a standing mixer and I knew then I wanted one for my home. I thought they were so great and turns out, I was completely right. I think everyone should own standing mixer! I use this beautiful, stainless steel mixer almost everyday. It has helped me take my baking to the next level. Seriously though, I made some dinner rolls from scratch tonight and they turned out so good! This is ideal larger baking projects.

Handheld Mixer

Cuisinart Handheld Mixer

This handheld mixer is great for small everyday meal preparation. This gets a lot of use for morning pancakes and eggs. The design to store all parts together is flawless. I will never again loose the beaters in the back of the drawer because everything fits into one easy to find place!

Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl

Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowls

Glass mixing bowls should be an essential in everyone’s kitchen. I believe they are way more versatile than plastic or stainless steal bowls. Pyrex makes a great set and they are extremely durable.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot

This was one of those gadgets I had no idea I needed until I had it. Now I do not think I could live without one. With 11 different features, an Instant Pot can be use for just about anything. I know they are a huge fad right now, but trust me it is a fad you definitely need to get on!

Baking Sheet and Rack Set

Baking Sheet and Rack Set

My mom gifted these to my husband for his birthday last year and we use them constantly! She originally bought them because my husband loves his bacon cooked in the oven, but honestly I use them for so many other dishes now. It is so convenient to have both a rack and sheet in one that fit perfectly together.

It was amazing to once again have my own space in 2018. I love cooking and baking and we were beyond blessed with so many amazing wedding gifts that I love using everyday. Here are some home products that I also loved using in 2018!

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