Home Birth Q & A

On my Instagram I asked if anyone had questions about home birth or our home birth. I love being able to share our beautiful birth experience and answer any questions I can. If you have a question that wasn’t answered here leave it below in the comments! Home Birth Q & A Q. How did […]

Home Birth Story

Our home birth, with our second child, was my ideal birth. Everything went exactly how I envisioned. With the help of my husband and midwives we were able to bring our beautiful baby boy into the world. Looking back I can’t think of one thing that I would want different. Birth looks different for every […]

Why We Chose the Option of a Home Birth

I say the option of a home birth because our birth hasn’t happened yet and it is still possible for things to change. As someone who hates change, it helps if I consider all of the options that could happen and not focus on a specific piece of our birth plan going perfectly. I would […]

Life Update December 2020

I felt like I couldn’t start posting blogs again without providing a life update first. So much has changed over the last few months. I’m sure everyone feels like that right now. If you follow along on my Instagram most of these life changes will come as no surprise. Related Article: My Daughter, A Letter […]

My Daughter, A Letter To You

Dear Baby Girl, Today you turn two years old. Where has the time gone? Two years ago at 3 am in the morning I held you for the first time. My miracle. My little angel, My daughter. My life, identity, and purpose forever change in that moment. Before you were born everyone questioned your name. […]

After the Birth: My Postpartum Hospital Stay Story

Being in labor and delivering Baby T is only part of my birthing story. (Part 1: This Is My Birth Story) The other part of my story is post delivery and my hospital stay. I believe this part of my story is just as important as the first half. When I first wrote this, I was […]

Side Effects of Pregnancy

Have you ever heard of pregnancy brain or seen a pregnant woman start crying and say “I’m just so pregnant”? Did you think these were only symptoms of pregnancy and they wouldn’t last? That’s what I thought. I thought during pregnancy I would be emotional and forgetful, but then a couple months after my baby […]

How to Love Your Husband After a Baby

Adding a baby to a household is going to be one of the largest transitions you’ll ever make. Whether you are going from a family of two to a family of three or more, a new baby is going to bring so much joy and challenges to your family. One of those challenges is being […]

I Still Cannot Believe I Am a Mom…

Baby T is currently 15 months old. Yet I still cannot believe that I am a mom. I, Tricia Jones, am a mom. At first I thought this was just a phase that would pass. That I would wake up one day and completely believe that I was always going to be a mother to […]

This Is My Birth Story

My Birth Story Being pregnant and giving birth are both unexplainable experiences. No matter how many pregnant people I knew or heard about birth from, it couldn’t begin to prepare me for the miracle that happens to a woman’s body. Growing a life, being connected to another human, bringing a baby into this world is […]