5 Minute Mom Makeup Routine

Since becoming a mom I do not have nearly as much time to spend on my makeup, but I would still like to look/feel put together. Here is my 5 minute mom makeup and my current favorite products that will help you look your best quick! #mommakeup #quickmakeup #makeuproutine

I absolutely love makeup. Picking out what I want to wear, applying it and seeing the final product is a way I can be artistically expressive (since I’m not very good at other forms of art). Since becoming a mom I do not have nearly as much time to spend on my makeup, but I would still like to look/feel put together. Here is my 5 minute mom makeup. I use this routine quickly in the bathroom before I leave or in the car before I start driving. Lately I have found it very convenient to do it in the car when I am in a hurry because Baby T is strapped into her car seat and distracted with something else. She is already starting to love makeup and wants to help me apply it whenever she is near.

There are 7 products I use everyday. The products I use do change but these are the ones I am loving right now.


After I have washed my face and put lotion on, I always starts with concealer. I apply it under my eyes and anywhere else that could use a little bit more coverage.

Current Concealer

Powdered Foundation

My next step is powdered foundation. I find it faster then a liquid foundation and it sets my concealer at the same time it is laying an even base. I take a large fluffy brush and place the powdered foundation all over.


This is a step most people skip when doing a quick routine, but I find it nice to bring some color back to my skin after evening it all out with concealer and foundation. I apply bronzer on the outside of my face the shape of a 3, so it carves out my cheek bones a little bit as well. If I have a little extra time I will grab an eyeshadow brush and put some bronzer in my crease.

Current Bronzer


I have wavy hair, so that means I have wavy eyebrows as well. A brow gel is the perfect product to tame wild browns and hold them in place. I just use the wand provided and brush it through my brow hairs.

Current Brow Gel


My eyelashes are long but so blonde. I feel naked without mascara. I use the wand provided and build up a couple layers until I think they look full enough.

Current Mascara

Setting Spray

Because I used powder products as the beginning of my routine I like to finish with a setting spray. It takes away the powdery look and helps your makeup last all day.

Lip Gloss

I am currently on a lip gloss kick. I think it helps your lips look more plump and I don’t have to worry about the color getting everywhere. If I want to be fancy/feel even prettier, I will throw on a lipstick that goes well with my outfit.

Current Lip Gloss

I love that makeup can help me feel put together even if I’m really not. It can removed the bags under my eyes and brighten my face. I do my 5 minute mom makeup everyday.

What are your go to products as a mom-on-the-go?

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  1. I am seriously so bad with makeup! All I usually wear is eyeliner.. and then when I feel spunky I throw on some matte gloss! Lol, this is something I want to get better at- if I ever find the time!

  2. These are great tips for a busy mom. A lot of us do not have time for a full makeup routine every day but, I do like to look presentable and these tips help! Thank you.

  3. this is the makeup that I’m doing now because it’s so hot. I love it. less stress and can be done quickly. Great products you suggested too.

  4. Mascara and concealer are my musts when I am on the go! πŸ™‚ if I can’t do anything else I make sure that I do the two. It makes all the difference.

  5. I always say I’m gonna do a quick routine, next thing I know twenty minutes have past and both my toddler and myself are snatched to the God’s.

  6. It’s always interesting reading other people’s makeup routine and perhaps use something different for yourself. Thanks for sharing, this was interesting! πŸ™‚ My own routine is quite simple most of the year: using lipstick and even that not everyday πŸ˜€ I know, I’m waaaay to lazy…

    With love & style,
    Mira from http://www.fashionpoetry.eu

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