2018 in Rewind

April 2018 was the launch of The Healthy(ish) Home. 

During the spring of this year I was really struggling to find my new identity as a mom. Postpartum was getting the best of me and I needed an escape. Scrolling through Facebook one day I saw an ad that said “Do you want to start a mom blog?”. The ad was offering a free master class, so I took it. I realized that I could write my own blog and that I would probably be good at it.

After my husband and I talked about it for a couple days I took the plunge and purchased “Start a Mom Blog” training course. In only a couple weeks, I had The Healthy(ish) Home up and running.

Running a blog is far from what I expected, but I am falling in love with it more and more.

In 2018 I…

  • Posted 26 blog articles
  • Worked with some amazing brand owners
  • Post 157 Instagram photo
  • Made money from blogging!
  • Had over 250,000 monthly Pinterest viewers
  • Found something that I want to do for me

Top 5 Articles of 2018

Top 5 Articles of 2018

Potty Training

This article blew up greater then I ever could have imagined. It went viral on Pinterest too many times to count. I really wanted to inspire other people with our potty training journey and share everything that I had learned from potty training Baby T. 

Side Effects of Pregnancy

This was one of my favorite articles to write and I am currently working on part two. I feel like so many women do not talk about the after effects of pregnancy. Being pregnant changes a woman’s body and mind forever. I would love this topic to be more widely discussed.

How to Love Your Husband After a Baby

This article taught me what going viral on Pinterest meant. It was my first article to gain a massive amount of views in such a short amount of time. This was really easy to write because it was something I was focusing on at that time in my life (as with most of my articles).

Getting Rid of the Pacifier 

Similar to our potty training article I just wanted to share my first experience eliminating the pacifier. This was a moment I had been dreading for a long time and something I thought I would feel guilty about (both removing or letting her have it for long). Luckily Baby T always seems to have grace for me. 

I Still Cannot Believe I am a Mom

After a day of tears and unbelief this article was written. It was full of words that I had on my heart and needed to get down on paper. This article shows me the purpose of my blog. A place that I am able to express my feelings through words. 

 Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

I would love to here about your goals for 2019.

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