Tips and Tricks to a Natural Birth

These tips and tricks worked wonders for me when I was preparing/giving birth. Remember everyone is different and every birth is different. We are women and our bodies were created to do the most amazing thing know to man.

Before Birth

  • Go go go to every birthing class you can! There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to birth. If you have questions, ask them! That’s what professional are there for, to answer any question you may have.
  • Write a birthing plan and write a back up birthing plan and maybe even a back up, back up birthing plan. Discuss both plans with your midwife or doctor. My main birthing plan was to deliver at the Alaska Family Birth Center. My back up plan was to go to the local hospital if needed and give birth without medication. I also discussed with my husband what to do if I needed a c-section. Everyone’s experience is different and sometimes you can not predicate what will happen.
  • Tell your husband exactly what you will want from him when you are in labor. You might not know what you want right now but giving him as much information as possible will be best for both of you.
  • Preregister at your local hospital even if you are planning on going to a birthing center or having a home birth. It will be much easier to check in if they already have all your information. Trust me, when you are in labor you do not want to be asked 100 questions by a nurse.
  • Plan one visit to an OB/GYN even if you plan on giving birth in a birthing center or at home. You will feel much more comfortable going to the hospital if you already know who you will be seeing verses a random doctor that is on shift that night.

During Labor

  • Eat and drink! When your contractions start I would recommend eating a huge meal. Giving birth is phyically and emotionally the same as running a marathon, so you should prepare the same way. Your body will need that energy.
  • Use the bathroom as frequently as you can. There will be a time when the baby gets low enough that you will not physically be able to use the bathroom anymore.
  • Once your contractions get closer together you will not want to eat, so have liquids available. Coconut water is a great one because it is packed full of electrolytes.
  • Do whatever is going to make you feel the most at peace. For me it was having my husband with me and listening to music.

Best Advice I Heard

My midwife gave me a couple pieces of advice that I will never forget.

  • “If you didn’t want them in the room when you were making the baby then they probably shouldn’t be there when you are having the baby” and “Babies usually come out best in the same setting they went in” She was referring to dim lighting, peaceful setting, nice smells etc.

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