Adding a baby to a household is going to be one of the largest transitions you’ll ever make. Whether you are going from a family of two to a family of three or more, a new baby is going to bring so much joy and challenges to your family. One of those challenges is being a wife and a mom to a new-born. Being able to balance the two is a skill that takes time and patience. Since becoming a mom I have learned so…Continue Reading “How to love your husband after a baby”

Baby T is currently 15 months old. Yet I still cannot believe that I am a mom. I, Tricia Jones, am a mom. At first I thought this was just a phase that would pass. That I would wake up one day and completely believe that I was always going to be a mother to this amazing little girl. But it hasn’t happened yet. A small part of me feels like I am in a dream. Like I am going to wake up one morning…Continue Reading “I still cannot believe I am a mom…”

  Playing in the Rain Summer has finally arrived here in Alaska! Along with the sunshine comes some rain. Rainy days can feel so long being stuck inside all day. My advice, don’t sit inside and waste it, go outside and play! Baby T played in the rain for the first time this week. It was amazing watching her explore and observe this for the first time. Benefits Playing in the rain has many positive benefits. Children learn best from their everyday experiences. Taking advantage of…Continue Reading “Playing in the Rain”

Toddler Meal Time Teaching your child how to eat is such an amazing experience. They get to explore and experiment with this brand new part of life. I take time researching each product for Baby T to make sure it’s the best I can find and that it works for our family. Cheap plastic products are something that we try to stay away from, but it’s also important to find what works best for your toddler! These are a few of my favorite meal time…Continue Reading “Toddler Meal Time Essentials”

Thai food is one of my favorite foods to eat. Here in Fairbanks, Alaska we have about 20 different Thai restaurants. This out numbers any other type of restaurants locally. When I was participating in whole30 Thai food was completely out of the question but it was something that I really wanted to eat. This cashew sauce mimics Thai flavors without the soy, sugar, legume, and dairy that is normally in Thai food. Is it whole30 approved? The best part about cooking at home is…Continue Reading “Thai Cashew Sauce”

Trying to decide what is important or what you will actually use can be hard as a new mom. Even though I worked in early childhood and was a nanny for many years it still took trial and error to figure out what I actually needed at Baby T’s changing table. Somethings I bought I never used or they did not work out but there are 5 different products that really stand out in my mind. Changing Table I do not think anyone needs to…Continue Reading “5 Changing Table Must Haves”

] My Birth Story Being pregnant and giving birth are both unexplainable experiences. No matter how many pregnant people I knew or heard about birth from, it couldn’t begin to prepare me for the miracle that happens to a woman’s body. Growing a life, being connected to another human, bringing a baby into this world is the most beautiful life experience. This is my birth story. (Photos at the end of this story may be considered NSFW) Sunday: February 26th, 2017 My due date was…Continue Reading “This Is My Birth Story”

Before Birth Go go go to every birthing class you can! There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to birth. If you have questions, ask them! That’s what professional are there for, to answer any question you may have. Write a birthing plan and write a back up birthing plan and maybe even a back up, back up birthing plan. Discuss both plans with your midwife or doctor. My main birthing plan was to deliver at the Alaska Family Birth…Continue Reading “Tips and Tricks to a Natural Birth”

What do you use in your new baby’s hair? I asked the exact same question once I had my baby girl. Baby T came out with a full head of hair. I did a ton of research to figure out what was the best way to take care of my mixed baby girls hair. She has very curly thick hair, but it is extremely soft. SHAMPOO At the beginning of her life I just shampooed her hair. I wanted to find her one with the…Continue Reading “The Best 3 Products To Use On Your Baby’s Hair”